One size does not fit all! How annoying when you buy a beautiful piece of jewelry and it doesn’t fit! We can alter anything to fit you perfectly. Also make something to match with the beads removed, maybe a nice pair of earrings? We also have experienced experts on our team to source a perfect match for anything you need to be made longer.

Made To Order.

Most of my made to order pieces are in my jewellery blog.


Have something you don’t wear?made into something or many things you will?wear.


Pearls, beads, glass and diamonds. On a range of materials including silk, wire, leather, elastic and plastic coated wire.












We recommend you get your piece of jewellery restring every 6-8 months. Excessive wear, perfumes and soaps may weaken strands and sometimes irreplaceable beads and pearls can be lost if they break by surprise! We also provide a cleaning service to spruce up your beads and pearls.