Sending Jewellery To Us

At C & S Pearls, we know that your jewellery has both sentimental and financial value. Because of this, we are aware that the process of sending your jewellery to us and sending it back is a prime importance. We want you to feel assured that every care will be taken to return you jewellery in perfect condition.

  • Wrap the necklace properly. Use a protective bag and place this inside a padded envelope.
  • All items will be returned in the bags or boxes they are sent in with and by the same postal method.
  • A photo will be taken of any pieces sent in to us on arrival and an estimate will be sent via email before the work is completed.
  • The original clasp will always be sent back with any pieces that required a replacement.
  • Loose beads and pearls will be returned if an alteration is made.

Please send to;

C and S Pearls
PO Box 1193
WD23 9GU